TERM 4 (Week 10)

TERM 4 - WEEK 10  ⧪

Dear students, parents and teachers:

We are at the last week of school for 2017/18.  We encourage all to finish on a positive note.  A few reminders: Year 6 Primary Years Graduation Ceremony takes place on Tuesday, 6th June beginning at 1pm in the theatre.  On Friday, 8th of June, early dismissals are in place: K/R at 11.30, Years 1-2 at 11.40, Years 3-6 at 11.50 and all Secondary at 12.00.  Have a restful, safe and happy holiday break!

MYP-DP Mr. Sweeney's Blog - week ahead in detail:  https://gjsmypib.blogspot.co.id/




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