Welcome to a blog by the Head of School at Global Jaya, David J. Hornby (Pak David).  GJS is an established and thriving International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, located in Tangerang Indonesia.


      Global Jaya School offers an international curriculum for families in and around Tangerang (S.W. Jakarta). GJS delivers an IB curricula from Primary Years, Middle Years and the Diploma (DP) courses, which is a rigorous and academically demanding curriculum, preparing  students for college and university studies.

      Our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).  In addition, GJS is a full member of EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) www.earcos.org.

     A synthesis of Global Jaya School's mission statement,"to deliver an enriched curriculum that encourages problem-solving, caters for diverse learning requirements and develops students who exhibit international mindedness through the expression of the IB learner profile attributes; all within an Indonesian context."

  Please stay informed and read more about what an IB education can offer your children and families.

Teaching & Learning in the IBO - link:


Global Jaya School's Vision & Mission Statements:

    Global Jaya School facilitates the development of lifelong learners who:
  • are creative problem solvers with a broad perspective of the world around them;
  • are respectful, moral individuals who take pride in their national heritage;
  • are equipped to participate in the international community as team members and leaders.
    Based on the vision, Global Jaya School will:
  • provide experiences through which the knowledge and skills necessary to encourage problem solving are developed;
  • cater for individual learning needs and a range of learning styles;
  • develop students’ communication skills to actualise their academic potential in both English and Bahasa Indonesia or their mother tongue;
  • deliver and enrich an internationally accredited curriculum within an Indonesian context.     


   "Gateway to the World"









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